Why Billow?

Billow trusted advisor vs. vendor sales reps

Unbiased Reccomendations

With over 70 vetted providers​ and experts on each carrier, technology consultants can package or recommend solutions that are ideally suited to meet their customers' goals. Our vast experience with all types of business solutions allows for greater insight and knowledge into each solution, what's best-in-class and really works upon install.

Relationships that last

The average carrier direct sales person has a life span of about 8 to 18 months and a churn rate of 60%. Meaning, a customer can expect at least 2 different account teams before a 36-month contract comes to an end. In comparison, Channel Managers have an average tenure of over 5 years which ensures stability and consistency.​

Incentivized for Success

A technology consultant for BillowIP earns residual income through the life of the customer contract. They are literally incentivized to ensure that the right carrier is selected so there are no problems and the customer remains satisfied with their service.